Thursday, April 22, 2010

japanese kit kat

I'm not usually one for packaged sweets, but when I saw these special Kit Kats at Narita airport, I couldn't resist. The verdict? Matcha flavour: good stuff. Royal Milk Tea: once was (more than) enough. I passed up the Soy Sauce and Wasabi versions. I'm thinking this was a good choice.

For some reason, Japanese Kit Kat was a hot topic around the internets awhile ago. Read more about the delicious flavour possibilities here and here.

In other news... I am buried under a mountain of boxes right now because we are moving this weekend! I'm looking forward to the new place, but the actual process of moving is the worst. Where did all this stuff come from??

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davis. said...

Mmmm...Kit Kat.... it was great seeing you the other day... touch base when you are settled in your new place.. talk to you soon!