Thursday, June 18, 2009

millicent and kang (cecil)

These are my great grandparents on my father's side, Millicent and Kang. This photo is something I really treasure: I've amassed a good photographic history of my ancestors on my mother's side of my family, but on my dad's side this is all I have.

Aside from that, how rare is it to see an inter-racial couple in a photograph of this age?

edit: my dad told me that my great-grandfather actually went by the name Cecil. He also said this photo is likely over 100 years old, since my 95 year old granny believes it was taken before she was born.


Andrea said...

Wow, excellent photo! Is this in Tobago? Also, I had no idea you had any Eastern ancestry!
I've been enjoying your posts very much (I should be commenting more often).

meghan said...

Thanks Andrea! Nice to know you've been reading. Yes, this photo is in Trinidad, where my grandma (Millicent's daughter) still lives (she's 94!). My Chinese side is definitely not immediately apparent; i didn't even know until i was told as a teenager.

christine said...

wow! that is beautiful!

ching said...

wow! that photo is amazing!!! and millicent is such a great name!